Enduro Supplemental Rules (Record)

http://www.sfrscca.org/racing/rules/THE RACING DRIVERS CLUB ILLGEN ENDURO Supps are posted at the Region’s site: http://www.sfrscca.org/racing/rules/

Section l:  Event Regulations 


l-l:  General


l          This event is governed under the General  Competition Rules & Specifications of the SCCA (GCR), the current Supplementary Regulations of the San Francisco Region (SFR Supps) and the Acceptance Letter for this event.  They will constitute the basis of the regulations, are listed in the order of subordination and all are subordinate to the following Event Supplementary Regulations.

2         The purpose of the Enduro is to provide a low pressure event for the enjoyment of the members of the SCCA.  Each driver must be a member of the SCCA and each car must display SCCA decals on both sides.

3         The length of the race is scheduled to be four (4) hours but it will end by 4:50pm, regardless of time or laps completed.

4         SCCA will mark and number pit spaces on the pit wall.  Competitors will not mark the wall in any way until they have been assigned a space number. A spot for Hot Pit Space requests will be part of the entry on MotorsportReg.com.  Pit spaces will be assigned in the order entries are received .  Unassigned pits will be assigned at Registration in order of appearance.  Trading spaces is not allowed without SCCA approval.  SCCA will reserve space at both ends of the pit wall for pit stop timing and competitors may not use these areas.

5         SCCA shall determine the starting grid.  The practice/qualifying sessions will be timed for advisory purposes.  Any driver properly entered on that car’s team may drive in these sessions.

6         Grid will close when the “2 Minute” board is shown on Pregrid.  Cars late to grid will go to the back of the field in the order they arrived at Pregrid.

7          See the SFR Supps for Entry Procedure.  Note that a completed entry form for the Team and for each driver is required.  Entry must be done through MotorsportReg.com.

8          A total of 75 entries will be accepted.  Entries will be accepted in the order of the date they are complete.  Notification of entry acceptance will be done as prudently as time and resources permit.

9         The entry fee is $____ for each Team of two drivers.  The surcharge for each additional driver in a team will be $100.  SCCA membership is required of each driver.  There is no additional charge for team cars, just drivers.

10        The entrant listed on the Team Cover Sheet of the entry form assumes responsibility for the eligibility of the race car and if no entrant is listed each and all drivers are responsible.

11        If any entry fees and/or surcharges are not paid or any listed driver is not a member of SCCA at the time of the Team entry, the entire entry will be placed on HOLD until the deficiency is corrected.  It may be held at Registration as a Post Entry.  The entry acceptance date will be the date the correction is completed.

12        At-track Enduro Registration dates and times will be noted on the weekend event schedule provided by SCCA.  Every person in the hot pits must be an SCCA member and register or have a hard card with the 2017 annual waiver noted.

13        All team drivers must be registered.  The car and all drivers gear must be inspected prior to the issuance of the Enduro Tech sticker.  The Enduro Tech sticker will not be issued to a Team until completion of Regional Races that Team car(s) has been entered.

14        A team may substitute another car up to two (2) hours prior to the race start, provided it has passed tech inspection and has been approved as suitable by SCCA.

15        A minimum of 2 drivers are required with a maximum of four drivers permitted on a single car entry.  No driver may drive more than 3 hours during the race in any one entry.

16        A driver may be added to a team after the race starts only by paying all fees as a post entry and completing the appropriate paperwork.

17        A driver may be a member of more than one team.  A person driving in more than one car in the Enduro must submit an entry on MotorsportReg.com, register and complete Tech for each car.

18        If a driver(s) withdraw from a team leaving less than the minimum number of drivers, the entry will become incomplete.  The entry will be placed at the end of the entry list.  Withdrawal procedure will follow the SFR Region Supps.  SCCA membership fee will not be refunded.

19        Once a driver has driven a team car on the track, that team and all drivers may not withdraw.

20        All drivers of a car that finishes will be counted as Finishers.


Section 1-2:  Pit Stops

21        All teams must make at least two (2) five minute pit stops during the race.  Each team is responsible for keeping track of adherence to this requirement.  Because not all cars necessarily will be on a timed pit stop, there needs to be a high level of observation of your surroundings in the pits.  Following are the procedures for the two types of pit stops that will be utilized at this event:

TIMED PIT STOPS:  At each checkpoint, the car must come to a complete stop.  No time slip will be given to or accepted from a moving car.  When entering the pit lane, look to the right for the Pit entry checkpoint.  The driver will be given a time slip and the car will be logged for entry and exit time.  The driver should check the slip for correct car number.  This slip will be used to document the timed pit stop.  A team member can request a time slip from the checkpoint if the driver has not stopped at Pit In.  In that case, the Pit In time will be the time the team member picks up the slip.  After serving a timed stop, the car shall proceed to the Pit Exit checkpoint, located on the right side of pit lane near the Re-entry point, come to a complete stop and present the time slip.  Pit Out personnel will release the car to the control of the Re-entry Starter at the end of the mandatory 5 minutes.  Since there is very little room for cars to be held in the Pit Out location, time your pit exit to approximately the same time as the end of the 5 minutes.

UNTIMED PIT STOPS:  Enter the pit lane on the left side of the lane and do not stop at the pit stop timing checkpoint.  Check your pit lane speed – it must be 25 mph or less.  When re-entering the track, stay to the left side of the pit lane, do not stop at the pit stop timing checkpoint but follow the track entry instructions of the Re-Entry Starter.

22        Maximum pit lane speed is 25mph.  The speed limit starts at the pit in timing checkpoint and ends at the pit out timing checkpoint.  The speed limit is enforced with a radar gun.  Radar speed calibration will be available in the pit lane during the practice session.

For time penalties, the car is to remain stationary in pit lane with no work allowed on the car.

Penalties are as follows:

A          First team violation, minimum penalty of 1 minute;

B          Second team violation, minimum penalty of 2 minutes;

C          Third team violation, minimum penalty of 5 minutes;

D          Additional or gross violations will warrant longer penalties.

23        Every person in the hot pit area must possess a valid hot pit pass.

24        No smoking is permitted in the hot pits or within 25 feet of any fuel.

25        Cars may be repaired in the hot pits.  However any repairs that may create a fire hazard (i.e., sparks from welding, cutting, grinding, etc.) must be approved by the Chief Steward or his/her designee.  Check with the Black Flag station.

If repairs are not done in the hot pits, the car must be escorted by an SCCA official at all times until it returns to the hot pits or retires from the race.  Moving a car into the paddock without an SCCA escort will result in retirement of the car (the end of competition for that car and team) and the car will not be allowed to re-enter the course.

26        A maximum of four (4) people, including the driver if the driver is out of the car, may be on the hot side of the pit wall at any one time.  This supersedes GCR 6.3.5.  This means:

3 crew and 1 driver or

2 crew, 1 outgoing driver and 1 incoming driver or

4 crew members with driver remaining in the car

27        Tires may be changed without the use of jack stands.  If a car is raised off the pavement and a person is working on or under the car, the car must be supported by at least one jack stand.

28        Cars may be started by any means possible.

29        Teams must comply with all rules regarding compressed gas bottles per GCR 6.3.9 and SFR Supps.

Section 1-3:  Fueling

30        Fuel must meet the requirements of GCR 9.3.26 and SFR Supps Item 19.

31        Unsafe handling or spillage of fuel WILL result in a penalty.  The severity of the incident will determine the penalty.  For time penalties, the car is to remain stationary in pit lane with no work allowed on the car.  Time penalties cannot be used as a mandatory 5 minute pit stop.

A          A minor spill (less than 1’ in diameter) will receive a warning.

B          Any additional minor spill will receive a 2 minute penalty.

C          A significant spill (1’-3’ in diameter) will receive a 2 minute penalty.

D          A major spill (over 3’ in diameter ) will receive a minimum 5 minute penalty.

E          A second major spill will result in immediate retirement of that car and team.

32        Excessive spillage into catch pans is not permissible and any fuel in catch pans must be immediately placed into a closed fuel container.  Rags or other absorbent materials used to prevent fuel spillage must be kept in a closed, fireproof container.

33        The team must supply at minimum one nominal 10# dry chemical agent fire extinguisher with a minimum UL 60 BC or ABC rating or two 5# fire extinguishers of the same rating in the pit for each car entered.  Additional extinguishers are highly recommended.

34        Each pit must have a minimum of two 1 gallon or larger containers of water.  The containers must be clearly marked WATER and  contain only plain water (no antifreeze, solvents, gas, etc.)

35        Teams using fuel containing more than 10% alcohol by volume must have in their pit area enough water in 5 gallon buckets to match the volume of fuel present.  They must also have a 2 gallon water style fire extinguisher (preferably containing water with “Cold Fire” or other approved AFFF chemical) to be used during refueling.

NOTE:  Teams using fuel containing more than 10% alcohol by volume must notify SCCA no later than Registration and post appropriate signage on the car and pit area.

36        Teams will refuel their own cars, using their own fuel, in the racing pit spot assigned to them.  Engines must be turned off during refueling.  Failure to comply will result in a minimum 2 minute penalty.  During refueling, there must be at least one crew member holding a fire extinguisher meeting the appropriate requirement for fire response.  This person may not participate in fueling.  Both the fueler(s) and extinguisher holder must be on the hot pit lane.  The drivers may switch at this time and other work may be done on the car during refueling as long as it neither interferes with the refueling nor causes a hazard.  The rule outlined in #26 will be enforced.  Race Officials have the authority to stop any activities they deem to be hazardous.

37        The fueler, fire extinguisher holder and all others within 4’ of the fuel filler port must wear an SCCA approved driving suit, gloves, socks and shoes (the Driver’s Safety Equipment prescribed in SCCA GCR 9.3.20.C1, 3, 4 and 8).  The fueler and fire extinguisher holder must also wear an SCCA approved full head balaclava and goggles or a full face helmet with the face shield down (reference GCR 9.3.20.C2, 5 and 6).

This rule is for the safety of the team members and is mandatory.  Be safe!

38        All refueling must be done using approved 5 gallon containers or other SCCA approved systems.  Fueling systems will be approved and stickered as set up in the pit area.  All fuel containers in the refueling area must be clearly marked with the car # and labeled GASOLINE, GAS or FUEL in large, readable letters.  Teams may refuel at the paddock fuel pumps if escorted by an SCCA representative.


39        All drivers are reminded of the rules and responsibilities of making a safe pass and/or being passed (racing room).

40        Each team must immediately provide the Black Flag Station with a driver/helmet card when a driver goes on course during the race and each time a driver change is made.  The team must also notify the Black Flag Station when a car has retired.

41        A mandatory drivers meeting for all first time Enduro drivers and one driver from each Enduro Team will be held in the morning of race day to endure all Enduro regulations are understood.  Failure to attend will result in a ten (10) minute penalty for each non-attending team/driver.

42        All drivers must hold either a valid SCCA competition license or a competition license accepted by SCCA per GCR Appendix C: 2.1 and 2.8 of a level sufficient to enter a Regional Race.

43        The competition license must be presented at Registration and the necessary liability waivers signed in order to complete registration.  Each driver must sign the liability waiver.


Section 3-1:  General

44        Sound restrictions for all sessions will be per the Region’s Supplemental Regulations.

45        Any car which consistently fails to maintain a lap time sufficient for safe competition may be considered a hazard and is subject to being called into the pit lane by receiving a black flag.

46        All cars are required to have working AMB transponders in all sessions.

47        Car numbers may be requested during Enduro online registration process.   However SCCA reserves the right to change car numbers.  Teams will be notified of their car numbers prior to the event.  Only car numbers valid for the Enduro are to be displayed on the car(s).  All other car numbers must be covered or removed.

48        SCCA Annual Tech Vehicle Inspection is not valid for this event.  All cars must complete an Enduro technical inspection prior to competing.  The Enduro Tech Inspection sheet will be provided to the first Team member to register.  Cars must be brought to the Tech Inspection area with the vehicle log book.  Each registered Team driver must bring either a helmet with a current Annual Sticker or all driver equipment.  When the car and all driver gear have been inspected successfully an Enduro Tech sticker will be issued.

Section 3-2:  CLASSES

49        No open wheel cars are allowed.

Entries will be divided into 7 classes.  No car may enter more than one class simultaneously.

The Enduro class designations must be clearly shown on both sides of the car with additional designations crossed out or removed.

The Enduro classes are different than those in the SCCA GCR but all entries must meet the safety requirements of at least one of the SCCA GCR classes.  All entries are subject to final approval of the SCCA.

The classes are:

PO                   Production based cars over 1700cc

PU                    Production based cars 1700cc or less

SO                    Sports Racing Cars over 2000cc

SU                    Sports Racing Cars 2000cc or less

SR-Gen 2         Spec Racer Fords, Gen 2

SR-Gen 3         Spec RacerFords, Gen 3

ME                   Mazda Miatas complying with SFR Group 7 rules  (all other Miatas are classified as a PO or PU)

50        SCCA will award individual trophies for each class.  The Race Chairman or an appointed representative will present keeper awards and display the perpetual trophies at the end of the race.  Perpetual trophies are on permanent display on the third floor of the clubhouse at Thunderhill Raceway Park.


This is an SCCA event.  The classes have been simplified.  Teams that would like to run multiple cars on the same team (Tag Teams) are invited to run for no SCCA provided trophies.  A Team can run a maximum of four cars due to timing and scoring transponder reading limitations.  SCCA will gain some experience with the concept of tag teams and may consider integrating  multiple car teams into the existing groups that race for trophies in the future.

If you are running a Tag Team, here are some rules to be followed:

A          A Tag Team consists of 2-4 driver/car pairs.

B          A team may have only one car on track at any one time both in the practice session and during the race.  If more than one team car trips the transponder loop on the same lap, indicating that two (or more) team  cars are on track at the same time, the team cars will be black flagged and the entire team will not allowed to continue running in the event.

C          All cars for a team shall have the same number but one will have a 4” high A (B, C and D for the second, third and fourth cars on the team) at the end.

D          For tag teams, any unescorted team car in the pits outside the tag team staging area will not be allowed back on course but other team cars may continue.