Join the RDC

RDC membership is now on-line at Just click here:

and MSR will walk you through the process of adding membership to your existing account or creating a new account. If you are an active racer, you already have an account, just go to your personal MSR page and do it. For associates members (spouses, friends, etc.) with out a current account click the top tab Create an Account and enter Racing Drivers Club- Membership

We welcome you into the RDC. All licensed competition drivers are eligible to become a Full Member. Anyone with an interest in road racing (you do not have to be an SCCA member) is invited to become an Associate Member.

Note we have reduced (well, we actually eliminated!) the membership dues for Associate Members, so Associate Members are now FREE! Workers especially, and anyone who would like to be part of the RDC Family, can just download and mail the form in to be put on our membership list and receive the new electronic Newsletter. You must be a Full Member to receive driver points and enter the Illgen 4 hour Classic Enduro.

Dues schedule is:

Full Member :

$35 until June 30th

$55 after June 30th


$20 anytime (note this is for a Spouse of a Full Member who is also a Driver-otherwise, free as an Associate Member)

Current year Drivers School Graduate:

Free until June 30th

Same schedule as Full Membership after that

Associate Member:

$ 0 anytime. (in other words, free!)

Note that points earned as an RDC member are not retroactive, the earlier you join each year, the more points you receive in our series. All memberships expire at the end of each year. Also, you must be a Full Member to enter the RDC Illgen Enduro in October, and to receive any driver awards given out under RDC programs throughout the season. Welcome and thanks for supporting club racing in Northern California.