August 2013 Minutes

Members attending: Fred Peterson: President & Enduro Chair; Rod Simmons: Vice President & Newsletter Editor; Dave Jalen: Secretary; Gary Corsiglia (via video conference call) RDC Points Chairman

1)      Approval of previous meetings minutes:  Gary moved that the minutes of the July 17, 2013 meeting be approved as corrected.  Rod seconded the motion.  The motion to approve the corrected minutes was passed unanimously.

2)      Membership Report: Fred:

a)      The membership numbers have not changed.

b)      With the elimination of RDC’s Tax Status question, the services of can be utilized starting in 2014.

3)      Treasurer’s Report: Fred:

a)      The RDC had no income or expenses last month.

4)      Website: Tony via e-mail: 

a)      The RDC website is up to date.

5)      Newsletter: Rod:

a)      An e-mail blast was sent by Fred.  This included the Enduro Supps and the

  benefits of a RDC membership.

6)      Driver Development:

a)      Mentoring: no report

b)      Track Orientation Rides:  Fred

1)      In 2014, Fred would like to do two faster laps instead of one slow lap.

2)      For Laguna 2014, the RDC is expecting many out of region drivers due to the Runoffs.  It was discussed that a box to check on the entry form would give the RDC a sign-up and driver count prior to the event.

c)      Good Sportsmanship: no regional has taken place since the last RDC meeting.

7) RDC Championship Points: Gary:

 The points are up to date and posted on the RDC’s website.  There has not been a SFR Regional since the last RDCmeeting.

8) Enduro: Fred:

      a) SFR would like the “Iron Man” concept to be included.  It was decided that this

           would be included IF the driver had competed in a prior SFRregional race.

b)   The “Tag Teams” will compete as a “regular” team.

9 ) SCCA liaison: Fred:

      a) The Runoffs will require a lot of effort and work for the SFR region. 

      b) A paid worker (FTE) will be needed to  coordinate with SCCA National.

      c) SCCA National will conduct the event and rent the required equipment (tow

           trucks, radios, etc) 

      d)  For SFR, the expenses have exceeded income so far this year (2013).

10)Annual Awards:

       a) The Will Pool Memorial Scholarship was discussed.

        b) James Hughes Award for the most improved driver was discussed..

        c) Steve Tembly Good Guy Award, Worker Performance Award and the RDC President’s Award were discussed.

11 ) Old Business:

a)  Fred has filed the federal forms but has no further contact with the federal agency.

b) Fred shared a letter from the California Secretary of State stating that our tax-exempt status had been reinstated.

c) After the RDC Enduro, Fred will follow up on the Federalfilings.

12) New Business: 

a)      Thunderhill West has been approved by the county board and construction

 will start in the very near future.

b)      Fred will write a “thank you” note to Dave Vodden for mentioning the RDC in his article in the Wheel.  The article was nicely written in Fred’s opinion.

c)      Placing a RDC ad in the Wheel for member recruitment was discussed.

The next meeting will be held at the home of Rod Simmons in Oakland on September 18, 2013 at 7:00 PM.

President Fred Peterson adjourned the meeting at 8:19 PM.


Dave Jalen, Secretary, respectfully submits these minutes.

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