March 2011 Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the RDC Board of Directors meeting held March 16, 2011 in Lafayette, California.  President Fred Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:36 PM.

Members attending: Fred Peterson, President, Enduro Chair, Trophy Chair , Scholarship Chair, SanF Board Liaison; Dave Jalen, Secretary; Anthony Tabacco, Web Master.

1)      Approval of previous meetings minutes:  Fred moved the minutes be approved as corrected.  Tony seconded the motion.  The motion to approve the corrected minutes was passed unanimously.

2)      Membership Report: The updated statistics are that the RDC currently has 65 members, 5 life members and 2 associate members.

3)      Treasurers Report: Fred reporting: The RDC is solvent at this time as income exceeds expenses.

4)      Website: Tony: The RDC had a request for information concerning a Lotus 11 that raced in the late 60’s.  Larry Albedi was contacted and he remembered racing against the car.  With Larry’s approval, Tony forwarded his contact information to the car owner for follow-up.

5)      Illgen Enduro: Fred: Fred will be going to Thunderhill Friday to meet with Sherry Grantz regarding using for enduro entries.  He will also contact Brian at for further information.

6)      Mentoring Program: There is one new student currently interested in the RDC’s      mentoring program.  The student competes in the ITR class.  Fred is attempting to re-instate the pre-race drive-arounds.  He will be contacting the Stewards, Ian Cook and Steve Jaroch.

7)      SCCA Liaison Report: No report was available.

8)      Will Pool Memorial Scholarship: Fred:  The 2011 recipient, Seth Reid, was very          appreciative of the Scholarship he was awarded.  He has written an article for “The Wheel” and the “RDC Newsletter”.  A new application form is needed as noted at the previous meeting.

9)      Old Business

  1. 2012 Membership Dues: Tabled
  2. Rod is doing a terrific job as Editor of the Newsletter.  He will do one more e-mailing to 2010 members who have not renewed their membership.  Rod found a used, inexpensive copy of MS Office 2003 on eBay that has Publisher included, so he is a happy camper.

10) New Business:

a)      Donations to SFR Social and WAF fro 2011: Fred: There will be three SFR Regionals at Thunderhill in 2011.  The first and third have sponsors for the Socials.  It was decided that the RDC will provide a partial sponsorship for the Social at the July Double Regional at Thunderhill.

b)      The RDC is running out of RDC checkered flags.  The RDC will be awarding checkered flags to the winners of the SFR’s Festival Races and Enduro winners this year so more flags will be required.  Fred will investigate different ways of handling this and report back to the Board.


The next meeting will be held on April 20th, Wednesday, in Lafayette at 7 PM.

President Fred Peterson adjourned the meeting at 8:45 PM.

Dave Jalen, Secretary, respectfully submits these minutes.

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