RDC Site Changes

Hello RDC members and guest. There are a few changes to the site here you might want to look at.

Fastrack – We have moved the direct link to the SCCA National “Fastrack”  to it’s own tab up there at the top, so now it is available in a single click and you will not have to navigate through the National’s menu.  That should save hours.

Home Page –  This page is now a rolling update of RDC and Northern California Region activities, so the content will be updated as items of interest occur, and some newsletter content will also be  included now. The “Welcome to the RDC” introduction is now over on the “About the RDC” tab.

Face Book – Don’t forget you can upload photos and videos to the RDC Facebook Page. The link is in the left column.

Stay tuned for the rest of a great racing season…and welcome to the RDC

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