It’s Baaack! 2017 Enduro is on!

The Four-hour Enduro is back on the schedule for 2017

The 57th Four-hour Illgen Enduro at Thunderhill Park will be run Sunday, October 29 on the 3-mile East track.  The event will cap off the Regional weekend ending the 2017 season. Not only is this event the last and most fun of the year, it is the best value of the year.

The entry fee  – $550 for a team of two drivers – remains the same as 2015. Each additional driver is $100 (maximum four). Rules will be essentially the same as in past years. All sessions (practice, qualifying, race) will be on Sunday.

The Four-hour Illgen Enduro has been a fun, low pressure, year-end event for over a half century and we look forward to seeing you there this year. Registration will be through the usual SFR process on and will open June 1.

The Enduro is open to a broad spectrum of cars and drivers.  SCCA membership is required. Drivers with current competition licenses from SCCA, BMW CCA, FIA, NASA, PCA and other racing groups are accepted per the SCCA General Competition Rules.  Any fendered car meeting the safety requirements of one of the SCCA categories is acceptable for entry in one of the six classes.  Sorry, no open wheel cars are allowed in the Enduro.

As in past years, the classes are:

PO             Production based cars over 1700cc

PU              Production based cars 1700cc or less

SO              Sports Racing Cars over 2000cc

SU              Sports Racing Cars 2000cc or less

SR-Gen 2   Spec Racer Fords, Gen 2

SR-Gen 3   Spec RacerFords, Gen 3

ME             Mazda Miatas complying with SFR Group 7 rules  (all other Miatas are classified as a PO or PU)


Complete Supplementary Regulations can be found at:

Enduro 2017? Then we need your help.

Northern California racers and friends, the RDC is working hard to generate enough interest to get the annual 4-hour back on the 2017 calendar. What we need is for everyone who thinks this is as super an idea as we do, to shoot an email to the SF Region Board of Directors (the link is to SFR over there on the left). Racers, it is important to stress especially that you are not just in favor of the idea, but that IF WE CAN BUILD IT, YOU WILL COME.

Here is the link for comment to the SF BoD- and- we need all the momentum  we can muster so please don’t delay:




RDC status for 2016

Members and friends of the RDC,

After 58 years of contributing to the racing experience within the San Francisco Region, the RDC is on the brink of closing.  After considerable discussion, the present board has put all RDC activities on hold for 2016.  We are suspending the RDC season points championship and awards, the 4 hour Enduro which we have run for 56 years, the introductory drive arounds at the first visit to our tracks, new driver mentoring and sending a worthy SFR volunteer to the annual race drivers school.  The RDC originally ran the annual drivers school which was later taken over by the San Francisco Region.

To avoid having to close down permanently, the remaining board members are making this final call for the administrative help necessary to keep the RDC alive.  What is needed is a complete new board (perhaps 5 to 7 people) which would include a new president with the skills and time to revive the RDC for the 2017 season.  The RDC is in good financial condition.  The current board would love to see the RDC come back to life in 2017 and is very willing to help get things started again, but we’ve put in many years running the club and life has pulled us to other priorities.

If you are interested in becoming an RDC Board member, please contact any of the present board members.

David Allen

Lois Leijdecker-Ott

Gary Corsiglia

This website will continue to be maintained as a resource for the Northern California Region SCCA and updated as needed for whatever RDC future may emerge. 

2016 RDC Enduro Sad News

It is with much sadness that we announce the running of 57th annual Racing Drivers Club Illgen Enduro this October 23rd will need to be cancelled for 2016. The RDC simply lacks the resources to stage the event in conjunction with the SF Region final race weekend at Thunderhill.

Need Photo? RDC has ’em

Season Awards:  Each RDC racer is entitled to a 5 x 7 photo by Chuck Koehler with the RDC Logo.  Driver’s name will be at the top of the photo, which will also show the full class name & finish position, 2015 Season Championship & RDC Logo.  The photo will be made upon driver request to Chuck Koehler at [email protected] with the driver’s choice of photo from Chuck’s web site (, or Chuck will make the choice.

2016 RDC Scholarship Award

Every season The RDC sends a deserving SF Region Member to the Spring Drivers School with a full expenses-paid scholarship covering car and tuition. Some years, it is is an easy decision because only a single person will apply. Well, not this year. 2015 saw a very full class of applicants, and all the applicants were VERY deserving, and that makes the RDC decision a VERY VERY difficult one.  Lyn Greenhill, Stuart Harman, Dean Garrison, and Wayne Coturri all applied, so you can see the dilemma, but for the 2016 Drivers School Scholarship, the RDC is pleased to announce Wayne Coturri of the Grid Crew will be checking his own belts instead of checking ours.

Everyone is encouraged to apply again; we have long memories, and again, congratulations Wayne, we’ll see you at Thunderhill this March.

2015 RDC Points are up!

They’re up on the site. Just click the tab above and thanks to all RDC members who supported RDC in 2015

2015 Enduro Results Posted

The Region has posted the 65th RDC Enduro Official Results at:

And, again, thanks to all who came out and helped run the event and all who entered.

2015 Enduro is in the books

Thank you so much for everyone who entered the 56th annual RDC Illgen Enduro, and especially thanks to all of the wonderful San Francisco Region volunteers who staffed and made possible this event. The RDC will have results up soon and a listing of prizes. And we’ll see everyone in 2016 for another season of great racing.

2015 Enduro Supps are up!

Check it out the RDC Enduro tab at left. These are in for review and approval by Race Stewards but pretty much here it is for 2015. Remember this is is part of a regular double weekend of Thunderhill racing and Saturday night, the Region will be holding the 2015 season awards and annual banquet at the track and in Willows that night. We’ll have you back on the road home by 3:00 Sunday.  What a way to end a racing season and remember, the RDC Enduro is the best per/track minute value in club racing. Pretty fun too; See you all there.