July 2011 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the RDC Board of Directors meeting held July 20, 2011 in Lafayette, California.  President Fred Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM.


Members attending: Fred Peterson, President, Enduro Chair, Trophy Chair, SanF Board Liaison; Dave Jalen, Secretary; Anthony Tabacco, Web Master, Scholarship Chair



  1. Approval of previous meetings minutes:  Fred moved the minutes be approved as corrected.  Tony seconded the motion.  The motion to approve the corrected minutes was passed unanimously.
  2. Membership Report: Fred: The membership has increased by seven new members and one member who renewed for 2012.  A membership drive ad for the wheel was discussed.  The president’s message stresses the value of a RDC membership.  It was agreed that better visibility at the various race tracks was needed.  This coming weekend (July 23-24), the RDC is contributing $800 to the Social fund to allow the drivers, their crews and their guests to be able to attend the Saturday night dinner for free.  The RDC is also contributing $50 to the WAF (Worker Appreciation Fund) to be distributed to a selected volunteer worker by Karen Cantu.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Fred:  Income exceeded expenses in the previous month.  Fred estimates the RDC bank balance will be $500 below the level of January 1, 2011.
  4. Web Site: Tony reporting:  Tony has changed the “welcome page” to a “current news” page.  He has added a link to the Fastrack site.  Most of the RDC site activity is on the RDC Driver’s points and the RDC Enduro pages.
  5. Enduro Report: Fred reporting:
    1. The events Supps are almost complete and ready to be submitted for approval.  Fred feels they should be completed by the coming weekend.
    2. The trophies have been updated and are ready to be displayed at Thunderhill this coming weekend.
    3. The RDC Enduro patches were discussed.  Fred showed off two samples.  The Board approved the patch with the Racing Driver’s Club logo on the top.

6.  Mentoring program: Fred reporting:  Six drivers have been assigned to mentors.

All of these drivers have expressed satisfaction with the program and support they

have received.

        7.   SCCA Liaison Report: Fred reported via e-mail.
a.       SFR Regional Administrator – The MotorSportsReg site is working well.
      There only a few small problems to work out.  MSR is providing T&S
        formatting and Entry Lists.
b.      SFR Regional Recruiting - Sherry reported that the recruiting is going well and the reports that the SFR Board has requested are well done.
                       Approximately 30 new volunteers have been generated this year.  There is
                        a new award program for volunteer recruiting referrals.
c.       Thunderhill Report – 
i.   The old medical building has been moved and a new Medical and Thunderhill Worker Lounge is in place.  
               ii. The Thunderhill Insurance carrier reviewed the liability exposure of 
                    Thunderhill and the report was favorable.
               iii. The windmills are operational and reducing Thunderhill’s 
                    operating cost.
d.    SFR is planning to survey the drivers to get feedback on how to improve 
       the race program and keep entries up in this challenging economic climate.
e.    The Board is interested in getting the Wheel onto the web and some 
                      work/investigation to achieve this is being conducted.
         f.      The workers will have the option of using "Worker Points" for gas cards in
        the future.
g.        For the Spec Miata Festival race, qualification was based on the Regional Race #6 Qualifying position.  Therefore both Regional Race #6 and the Festival Race had the same qualifying positions.  There was discussion about using some other basis for setting the Festival Race qualifying positions.
      8.  Newsletter-no report

9.  Will Pool Scholarship:

  1. The new application form was discussed and approved.

10.  Old Business

  1. 2012 structure:  Tabled.
  2. Donations to SCCA Socials.  It was decided to donate $400 for the Saturday evening Social event during the October Regional and Enduro.


  1. New Business:
    1. RDC Flags:  Rod had suggested a change in the RDC graphics to update the RDC logo.  Fred presented one of Rod’s renderings for the RDC Board to view and comment on.
    2. Fred will be placing an order for more RDC checker flags.


The next meeting will be the third Wednesday of August (17th) at 7 PM in Lafayette.


President Fred Peterson adjourned the meeting at 8:21 PM.


Dave Jalen, Secretary, respectfully submits these minutes.

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