Check your Fastrack!

It is a good idea to check Fastrack every month; there are some important items (and some we didn’t know about) that you MUST be aware of:

1) HANS. Effective January 1st, 2012, you will be required to have an approved HANS device; no more kart collars.  I know most of our members are probably already aware of this but it is a good guess that some will show up for that season opener and learn about it when they fail annual gear tech, and not be able to race.

Taking our own advice and checking it every month, we learn in this month’s August issue, that:

2) MEDICAL. Under consideration (out for member comment) is the proposal to relax the medical reporting period, specifically allowing a two year medical reporting for those between 60 and 70. Over 70 retains  the  one year reporting period.

The Fastrack tab at the top bar will take you directly to the SCCA National site Fastrack page.  Check it out!

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