RDC Minutes May 2013



Minutes of the RDC Board of Directors meeting held May 1, 2013 in Oakland, California.  President Fred Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:25 PM.

Members attending: Fred Peterson: President & Enduro Chair; Rod Simmons: Vice President & Newsletter Editor; Dave Jalen: Secretary; Anthony Tabacco: Web Master, Scholarship Chair, SanF Board Member & Mentoring Chair; Gary Corsiglia (via conference call): Points Keeper

1)      Approval of previous meetings minutes:  Gary moved the minutes be approved as corrected.  Tony seconded the motion.  The motion to approve the corrected minutes was passed unanimously.

2)      Membership Report: Fred: The RDC currently has a total of 30 members.

3)      Treasurer’s Report: Fred:  The RDC has enough capital to cover its expenses.

4)      Web Site: Tony reporting:

a)       The RDC points have been updated.

b)      He posted an explanation of the three race format.

c)      Enduro news is on the web page.

d)     Tony provided clarification for non-techies regarding posts vs. pages.  Pages do not change (they are static).  Posts change constantly (dynamic). 

5)      Newsletter Report: Rod: A newsletter will be published.

6)      Driver Development:

a)      Michael Seringhaus will be contacted by Rod.  MS runs with Dave Herriman.

b)      Thunderhill had only a few drivers partake in the drive arounds.  Ian Cook requested the RDC conduct drive arounds for Thill for the May 24-25 regional event.  Driver’s school was held there plus there is a test day the day prior to the event, so it was deemed not necessary to host the drive arounds prior to the event.

c)      Laguna Seca had nine drivers participate in the drive arounds.

d)     Sonoma Raceway:  The RDC will conduct drive arounds (orientation laps) prior to the event.

7)      Points Update: Gary reporting: 

a)      Due to the small membership of the RDC there is a limited or single entry in most classes.

b)      A new point’s system was discussed.  It would reward finishing ahead of one’s competitors instead of being first in an undersubscribed class.

8)      Illgen Enduro Report: Fred reporting:

a)      The SFR BoD would like something special but not sure what that would be. 

b)      The SFR BoD likes the tag team concept.

c)      Fred has been examining the NASA Enduro Supps.

d)     Fred has been working on the RDC Supps.

e)      Tony wants to build excitement early for the Enduro by publicizing the tag team concept.

9)      SCCA Liaison:  Tony reporting:

a)      MyLaps has had a major system malfunction.  SFR will send put the race results as a .pdf file.

b)      At Thunderhill, the expansion/new extension is ongoing.

c)      At Laguna Seca, all the new ladders at the turn worker stations have been installed.

d)     A poll for the three races per weekend format has been conducted.

i)        The workers have been overwhelmingly positive.

ii)      Among the racers, the opinions were divided by run groups.  Groups 5,6 & 7 almost universally were in favor of the three races but groups 1,2,3 & 4 were not.  But those groups also stated that they liked the format.

e)      The new Spec Mustang (SMG) will be moved from group 5 to group 3.

f)       The BMW and Porsche Clubs will have run groups in the Vintage events.

g)      The SFR BoD is working hard with SCCA National to have a Divisional path to the Runoffs.  In 2013, there will be three paths to the Runoffs:

i)        Major Tour events

ii)      Divisional events which will be worked out by the individual regions

iii)    Previous Runoff attendees who are invited back.

10)   Annual awards to keep in mind for the end of the year:
a)      Will Pool Memorial Scholarship Award
b)      James Hughes Memorial Award (Most Improved Driver)
c)      Steve Trembly Memorial Award (Good Guy)
d)     Worker Performance Award
e)      RDC President’s Award
11)  Old Business
a)      RDC’s Tax Status.
i)  The IRS has not contacted the RDC as of yet to supply the RDC with Form 3500A.

b)      The state would prefer that we file a Form 3500A with a copy of the Fed. tax exempt letter attached but since that letter has not come we must file a Form 3500 prior to May 15.

 12) New Business: None

The next meeting will be determined later.

President Fred Peterson adjourned the meeting at 8:25

Gary made an announcement that CSUSJ (San Jose State) is the only college out of 27 in California that is competing in Formula SAE.  The Spartans will be representing California at the National SAE Championships.

Dave Jalen, Secretary, respectfully submits these minutes.

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