3 Race Format for 2013

On the assumption that racers would rather race than qualify, at the last Laguna Regional, a new 3 race weekend experiment was tried, and it was followed up by a detailed survey of drivers and workers to see if it would be continued; The results of that survey are in. Workers almost universally liked the idea and included a lot of operational suggestions on how it could be made more efficient. Drivers gave positive reviews, but with certain Run Groups wanting to continue (Group 5 was 100% at 18-0, Group 6 was 92%, and Group 7 was 79%) and the other groups not wanting the new format. Check the official Region schedule to confirm but it looks like each group will race as they voted.

The important point here is that nobody loses track time. Time-on-track and number of sessions is unchanged whether you are running a 2 or a 3 race format: It is either P,Q1,R1, Q2,R2 (conventional 2 race format) or P,Q1,R1,R2,R3 (the new 3 race format). Note is that race credit is (as it has always been) calculated by sanction number when it comes to renewing your license with SCCA.

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