Membership is on-line at!

The Racing Drivers Club has yielded to the inexorable forced march into the 21st century. Henceforth,  you will not have to leave your desk (or Starbucks couch) to join. If you are an active racer in the San Francisco SCCA, you will already have an account. And not to put a lot of pressure on you but you cannot run the RDC (5 hour!) Enduro this November at Thunderhill unless you are a member and it is still $35 until June; It goes up after that.

If you are a Worker, married to a racer, know one, might like to know one, or just someone who thinks Northern California Club Racing is cool and you would like t be involved, it is FREE, as in F..R..E..E.  It is now simple to register by going to The and creating an account. It is really simple, and – did we mention this? it if free.


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  • Mike Boyle

    Hint, after you’ve logged into Motorsportsreg, this signup may not appear in your Dashboard — Scroll to bottom of the page and click “entire calendar” link –

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