RDC Archive on the Awards Tab

We have added the archive list of past winners of RDC awards up there on the Awards Tab, including the President’s Cup, the James Hughes Memorial Award for “Most Improved Driver”, and the Steve Temby Memorial “Good Guy” Trophy. Interesting reading for racing historians. Also note, we have discontinued and removed the Newsletter tab as a separate link; this Page will now serve as the Racing Drivers Club’s face for the Northern California Racing scene.

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  • Gary Corsiglia

    Pretty neat that I’ve known 44 of the recipients of RDC Annual awards including Vinnie Rossignol 1971’s Worker Performance Award. Vinnie was the Flagging Chief when I started flagging. Also, I’m not sure if the RDC Board who awarded Tom Gloy as the Most Improved Driver in 1971, saw a future Formula Atlantic Champion, Trans Am Champion, and Indy 500 driver. RDC has a pretty rich history in its members.

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