2016 RDC Scholarship Award

Every season The RDC sends a deserving SF Region Member to the Spring Drivers School with a full expenses-paid scholarship covering car and tuition. Some years, it is is an easy decision because only a single person will apply. Well, not this year. 2015 saw a very full class of applicants, and all the applicants were VERY deserving, and that makes the RDC decision a VERY VERY difficult one.  Lyn Greenhill, Stuart Harman, Dean Garrison, and Wayne Coturri all applied, so you can see the dilemma, but for the 2016 Drivers School Scholarship, the RDC is pleased to announce Wayne Coturri of the Grid Crew will be checking his own belts instead of checking ours.

Everyone is encouraged to apply again; we have long memories, and again, congratulations Wayne, we’ll see you at Thunderhill this March.

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