RDC status for 2016

Members and friends of the RDC,

After 58 years of contributing to the racing experience within the San Francisco Region, the RDC is on the brink of closing.  After considerable discussion, the present board has put all RDC activities on hold for 2016.  We are suspending the RDC season points championship and awards, the 4 hour Enduro which we have run for 56 years, the introductory drive arounds at the first visit to our tracks, new driver mentoring and sending a worthy SFR volunteer to the annual race drivers school.  The RDC originally ran the annual drivers school which was later taken over by the San Francisco Region.

To avoid having to close down permanently, the remaining board members are making this final call for the administrative help necessary to keep the RDC alive.  What is needed is a complete new board (perhaps 5 to 7 people) which would include a new president with the skills and time to revive the RDC for the 2017 season.  The RDC is in good financial condition.  The current board would love to see the RDC come back to life in 2017 and is very willing to help get things started again, but we’ve put in many years running the club and life has pulled us to other priorities.

If you are interested in becoming an RDC Board member, please contact any of the present board members.

David Allen

Lois Leijdecker-Ott

Gary Corsiglia

This website will continue to be maintained as a resource for the Northern California Region SCCA and updated as needed for whatever RDC future may emerge. 

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