It’s Baaack! 2017 Enduro is on!

The Four-hour Enduro is back on the schedule for 2017

The 57th Four-hour Illgen Enduro at Thunderhill Park will be run Sunday, October 29 on the 3-mile East track.  The event will cap off the Regional weekend ending the 2017 season. Not only is this event the last and most fun of the year, it is the best value of the year.

The entry fee  – $550 for a team of two drivers – remains the same as 2015. Each additional driver is $100 (maximum four). Rules will be essentially the same as in past years. All sessions (practice, qualifying, race) will be on Sunday.

The Four-hour Illgen Enduro has been a fun, low pressure, year-end event for over a half century and we look forward to seeing you there this year. Registration will be through the usual SFR process on and will open June 1.

The Enduro is open to a broad spectrum of cars and drivers.  SCCA membership is required. Drivers with current competition licenses from SCCA, BMW CCA, FIA, NASA, PCA and other racing groups are accepted per the SCCA General Competition Rules.  Any fendered car meeting the safety requirements of one of the SCCA categories is acceptable for entry in one of the six classes.  Sorry, no open wheel cars are allowed in the Enduro.

As in past years, the classes are:

PO             Production based cars over 1700cc

PU              Production based cars 1700cc or less

SO              Sports Racing Cars over 2000cc

SU              Sports Racing Cars 2000cc or less

SR-Gen 2   Spec Racer Fords, Gen 2

SR-Gen 3   Spec RacerFords, Gen 3

ME             Mazda Miatas complying with SFR Group 7 rules  (all other Miatas are classified as a PO or PU)


Complete Supplementary Regulations can be found at:

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