Renew now for 2015!

Our membership link is now up for 2015. As always, active racers $35 until June, it goes up to $55 after that, plus joining early gets you maximum points in the RDC series from the opening Regional on March 7-8. Again this year, non-racing members are totally free. But you still have to click that “Join RDC” link up there. We would like to build support for the RDC Enduro early in the season and so renewing your membership now really helps build our case to keep this 56 year tradition going.

Congratulations Bernie Novak! The RDC Scholarship winner for 2014.

The RDC is pleased to award this years Drivers School Scholarship to Bernie Novak, long time volunteer and ex-officio C0-Chief of the Tech Crew. Bernie will be getting a nice free race car and tuition for the Spring February 20th to 22nd Region Racing Drivers School at Thunderhill. On behalf of the RDC Board and all of the members, congratulations Bernie! Go fast and have fun.

RDC Archive on the Awards Tab

We have added the archive list of past winners of RDC awards up there on the Awards Tab, including the President’s Cup, the James Hughes Memorial Award for “Most Improved Driver”, and the Steve Temby Memorial “Good Guy” Trophy. Interesting reading for racing historians. Also note, we have discontinued and removed the Newsletter tab as a separate link; this Page will now serve as the Racing Drivers Club’s face for the Northern California Racing scene.

RDC Points Total for 2014

Points for the 2014 RDC Season Series are up! Just hit the tab right up there..and congratulations and thanks to every driver who participated this year. Note we had some ties and but realized we had no tie-breaker rules in place, so the more the merrier, and we’ll work on that for the 2015 season.

Enduro Sunday Schedule Adjustment

The schedule for Sunday’s RDC Enduro has been adjusted as follows:

9:45 – 10:45 a.m.              Enduro Practice/Qualifying

10:45 – 11:45 a.m.            Lunch

12:00 – 4:00 p.m.       RDC  4 Hour Enduro

With light entry, a single session will suffice, and it will make the day less of an endurance event for our workers. All else remains the same. There should e an email blast from the Region out shortly.

The 55th Illgen RDC Enduro is on!

Entry levels are extremely thin but SF Region Board and the RDC Board have decided the event WILL HAPPEN Sunday November 9th as scheduled. Outreach efforts just could not overcome “Runoff Burnout” and the decision to proceed was difficult, but tradition is unbroken. The Enduro is in conjunction with the final 2014 season SF Regional that is the decider for the Thunderhill Rewards Program.

Enduro Tag Teams

For the 2014 RDC Illgen Enduro Tag-teams and Single Car teams will NOT be competing against one another.  For each of the classes, there will be a winner in Tag Team, and a winner in Single Car Teams. There has been concern that the Tag-Teams get an advantage by going out with a fresh car, fresh tires, and a full load of fuel without need of a pit stop. So until we get the bugs worked out for next year, we thought we would not have the Tag-Teams and Single Car Teams compete against one another.

Enduro News! Important: please read!

The 55th annual RDC Enduro is coming up November 9th. As of today, only three drivers have entered, and it is in danger of being cancelled. If you have been holding off sending in your entry, please do it as soon as possible. The Region has decided to wait to see if entries come up and then make a final decision on October 27th. Should the race be cancelled (for the first time in 55 seasons) please be assured you will be refunded the entry fee and you may also ask to have your RDC dues refunded if your membership was tendered as part of the Enduro. Please log on the MSR and send your entry in NOW and lets see if we can keep this tradition alive.  

2015 Drivers School Scholarship

The RDC Scholarship Application period for the Spring 2015 Drivers School is now open. Check out the tab at left for information.

Membership is on-line at!

The Racing Drivers Club has yielded to the inexorable forced march into the 21st century. Henceforth,  you will not have to leave your desk (or Starbucks couch) to join. If you are an active racer in the San Francisco SCCA, you will already have an account. And not to put a lot of pressure on you but you cannot run the RDC (5 hour!) Enduro this November at Thunderhill unless you are a member and it is still $35 until June; It goes up after that.

If you are a Worker, married to a racer, know one, might like to know one, or just someone who thinks Northern California Club Racing is cool and you would like t be involved, it is FREE, as in F..R..E..E.  It is now simple to register by going to The and creating an account. It is really simple, and – did we mention this? it if free.