55th RDC Enduro is on!

November 8th – 9th at Thunderhill. Start thinking about forming your Enduro team now for the best track time bargain in racing.

2014 Drivers School Winner is…

Barry Hilton! The RDC Board is pleased to award the 2014 Drivers School Scholarship to Barry. Each year, the RDC sponsors a deserving Region member by supplying a car and covering tuition at the Region’s Drivers School, and this is always our most difficult (but fun) announcement of the year. See you at Thunderhill this Spring, Barry.

Drivers’ School 2014!

The 2014 San Francisco Region schedule has been finalized and next spring’s Drivers School date is February 21st – 23rd. It is time for you to get your sedentary friends off the couch and into a race car for the best learn-to-race bargain in motorsports. Three days, and you walk off with an SCCA Novice Competition license (which by entering and completing a single Double Regional) will became a full fledged SCCA Regional Competition license.  So download the School entry form, rent a race car, start buying your personal safety gear. And say goodbye to the couch.

2014 Drivers School Scholarship application period is open

It is that time again. The Racing Drivers’ Club Scholarship is open for applications. The scholarship pays full tuition, the cost of a racecar rental, fuel, tires and support during the school.  Scholarship winners need only arrange for their own personal safety gear (driver’s suit, helmet, gloves, shoes, etc), lodging and meals while at the three-day school. See the tab left for details.

Enduro Supps Revised (note rule 24, 30 and 41)

We have made some minor revisions (by popular demand) to the 2013 Enduro Supplemental Regulations. Please review changes to RULE 24  that talks about tag-team entries, and RULE 30 that revises the maximum time a driver in one team can can drive. Rule 41 is just procedural for leaving the track during the race. Check them out at the link at left.

2014 Runoffs: Laguna Seca!

Finally, it is official! Lots of behind-the-scenes effort have gone into this to maintain the quality of our Region program but the San Francisco Region has decades of background and experience  hosting large scale events at Laguna. This will be the best organized Runoffs ever! 2014 will be a good year to be a member of the San Francisco Region.

2013 Enduro: The supps are up!

The official 2013 RDC Enduro Supplementary Rules and event information are now up and posted at the tabs in the left column. Your biggest track time bang for the buck, this year we have a tag team format so you do not have to share cars, and we will be running the Thunderhill by-pass!

3 Race Format for 2013

On the assumption that racers would rather race than qualify, at the last Laguna Regional, a new 3 race weekend experiment was tried, and it was followed up by a detailed survey of drivers and workers to see if it would be continued; The results of that survey are in. Workers almost universally liked the idea and included a lot of operational suggestions on how it could be made more efficient. Drivers gave positive reviews, but with certain Run Groups wanting to continue (Group 5 was 100% at 18-0, Group 6 was 92%, and Group 7 was 79%) and the other groups not wanting the new format. Check the official Region schedule to confirm but it looks like each group will race as they voted.

The important point here is that nobody loses track time. Time-on-track and number of sessions is unchanged whether you are running a 2 or a 3 race format: It is either P,Q1,R1, Q2,R2 (conventional 2 race format) or P,Q1,R1,R2,R3 (the new 3 race format). Note is that race credit is (as it has always been) calculated by sanction number when it comes to renewing your license with SCCA.

Revised 2013 RDC Points Structure

Thanks to Gary, we now have a revised Points Structure for RDC Members for 2013. First, only San Francisco Regional races are RDC points races.  A driver must be a member of RDC prior to the end of the race weekend to be scored for that event.  RDC Membership submitted and paid for prior to the end of a race weekend will be accepted for scoring in that event.  All races entered during the year are counted, there are no dropped events.

Here is how points will shake out in the coming year:

Place In Class Points PIC Points PIC Points PIC Points
1 200 8 100 15 65 22 30
2 180 9 95 16 60 23 25
3 160 10 90 17 55 24 20
4 140 11 85 18 50 25 15
5 130 12 80 19 45 26 10
6 120 13 75 20 40 27 5
7 110 14 70 21 35 28 5

RDC Points start now!

Don’t forget your RDC points count starts with the first event and this year’s Thunderhill Season Opener is a Rational. If you join during the weekend, you points will count towards the 2013 season.